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According to the Constitution, the state and private sectors of Georgia recognize and protect universally recognized rights and freedoms as both invincible and supreme human values. Implementation of labor rights in our everyday life is one of the most effective means for ensuring the material welfare of society. It is especially important that people can exercise their right to work and that this right is subject to those restrictions necessary in a democratic society and provide a safe and comfortable working environment. Following the international law of human rights, safety standards are also developed. Today, the protection of human rights protection in Georgia, the interests of public safety, public order, health, and labor protection is considered the most important priority in Georgia.


"Metta" LLC will ensure the availability of all existing hazardous risks and impacts with any customer and associated person.

"Metta" LLC will ensure the protection of people, property, and environment and will systematically protect health and labor safety building standards during any operation. 


The goal of Metta” LLC is to provide a safe and comfortable workplace, environment, and construction site for all employees, clients, contractors, and guests. Develop the concept of labor safety according to international standards and Georgian legislation.

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