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To achieve our goals, customers need to be provided with high quality, operational, efficient and coordinated work, which means we have to employ the best out of the best employees. 


Every member of the Metta's team, play an important role in the advancement of the company. At Metta, each of us puts our best to achieve horizontally planned goals. We take personal responsibility, we live every day with the protection of the values of the company, we constantly take care of improvement of ourselves, each other and the company. As a result, from day to day, we create our own corporate culture that provides a secure working environment, diverse values, welcomes open communication, supports innovation and development. 


Metta thanks the strong team of employees for the company's success and tries to keep the growth of the corporation persistently, combined with the dynamic and fair management of human resources. 

The company strives to create an interesting, challenging and appreciated environment that will allow you to fully realize your potential. 


As an active company, we offer a variety of career growth opportunities. We want you to build a successful and long-lasting career relationship with us, to be a happy and productive member of our team. We believe that thanks to your hard work, creativity and efforts, our company will continue to grow.


We are in favor of full compliance with the law and norms and support corporate behavior caused by a sense of responsibility.


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