Image by Alex Hu


"The first prerequisite for the success is professionalism" - this is a provision that came with the idea of ​​a company, which over time became an axiom of "Metta".

The company appeared in the construction industry in 2018 and in an unprecedentedly short time was able to provide significant competition for the largest companies in the ecosystem. The main reason for this result was the team value based on professionals.


Today, the company unites groups of higher managerial and highly qualified construction engineers, whose experience is based on the practice of different countries and mainly exceeds 10 years. At the same time, we as a company periodically create opportunities for young people to develop and acquire practical skills.


Absolute integration of international standards in both construction and general corporate activities is of particular importance to the company and is closely monitored by the quality management system established by the International Organization for Standardization. That is why the management of the company officially announced in 2020 as the year of quality in Metta.

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