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10 Moths From Idea To Opening - Orangerie In Château Mukhrani.

Metta's portfolio is filled with number of exceptional projects, that define the country's contemporary architectural trends. One of them is an outstanding restaurant "Orangerie", which is a successful example of a design build project.

The restaurant is constructed by our team in the heart of the renowned Georgian winery Château Mukhrani. From idea to the completion It took us only ten months from the design to the completion of the project, resulting in an impressive building of 2400 square meters of building space.

An exquisite efaçade with floor-to-ceiling windows, 9-meter high ceiling, and interior of abundant natural light create a special aesthetic composition that perfectly fits the purpose of the space. The environment is as lively, genuine, and pleasant as the restaurant's menu, which offers multicultural cuisine created with local, natural products.



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